Autocomplete Location/Address Entry Component

location/address picker to collect country/state/city/street/zip code (that you can enter manually)
and than an in-app filter to show items based on your location by radius or country… city…zip code…etc


Im down with this.

Would love this for my app!

Users are constantly typing unreliable or incomplete addresses that messes up location accuracy down the road.

We could use a google api to autocomplete addresses but there would be a delay until we are able to do it directly in the app.

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This is an interesting approach.
Any tips on how this can be done? How long of a delay are we talking?

Your talking 2 to 3 minute delay.

@david @Mark I’ve lost 3 clients just this month alone because this feature doesn’t exist. Bubble provides it “for free”…any chance we could have a “Location Entry” component that will auto complete an address that also looks up an address based on location name (eg “Wrigley Field”)? Perhaps tapping into Google Places API?

Would be killer (bonus) to allow users to dissect the address into Street, City Zip etc. (Similar to how we can do this with dates within a math column).


I did it with scripts and refresh button, kind of work…up to 30 seconds delay, you just type any address and it will correct to proper one as long you are typing or clicking refresh

I was literally asked on this feature yesterday by a new customer :astonished:

this is the best I can do about address picker…


@Uzo This is the best implementation I’ve seen so far—nice for personal use for sure. However, the 30 second delay isn’t practical for my clients’ needs.

Really nicely done!


thanks @Robert_Petitto , I hope someone will come up with a better one…

:+1: very interesting :face_with_monocle: like it

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Very cool. I did the same with some script that converted to coordinates as glide don’t recognize addresses in Israel at all even if written in english…

Always enjoying seeing your work and creative ideas.

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@uzo cool. Works great. Thanks for sharing :+1:

@uzo would you make your app copyable? Ability to copy the location information could be valuable :slight_smile:

App is just showing Google script triggered action, no point of copying it.

i manage it to go below 10 seconds… i think is almost acceptable :wink:

Amazing. I’d pay for this app/script. DM me for the details

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do you know a way to count string characters in glide? i could speed this up even more, if i can flip text entry while typing