Radar Integration Stopped working properly

I have an app I am “processing in my mind” and building (hacking) at different parts of it that I will need when I am ready to build it completely. I had a simple Radar Complete Address example built in (@Robert_Petitto tutorial) and it worked great. Now it stopped working properly. I cannot get it to auto complete on the form now…each time says “Complete address: query: Param is required”. It is also a bit wonky in the data when I go to the Address column and type in the Address box and it will not auto complete until I type the entire address and press enter…then the AutoComplete field sets until i click enter… Also this is in a Working Table with only one record.
Not sure what has happened. Not limited out at Radar.com or anything so confused as to what happened.

So you have the Radar integration as a column, but now the result isn’t visible in that column once you try inputting data on the front end?

Yes I have the integration as the column Verified Address and the result is only visible in the column if I completely type and hit enter in the backend data .it was working before and now it will not update the address in the Verified Address field.

So it does not update real time as you type? I might see that as a bug.

No it does not…and it did previously…do i report bug to glide or to radar?

It updates in the backend data after I type a complete address in the Address txt box and hit enter then it updates the Verified Address dialog box and that appears to be simply filling in with what was typed and not auto filled. I even deleted the Integration and then set it up again and watch every detail of @Robert_Petitto tutorial video…

What data source are you using? Glide tables?

Yes sir…Glide tables.
I have opened in different browsers…no joy!
Build simple app with Working Table and only 1 record and setup and it will not auto complete like it should…I am at a loss if it is working for everyone else…

I guess there is no one else having this issue so it must simply be on my side. This thread can be closed and I will try to figure out what went wrong that it stopped doing the Auto Complete as you type. Thanks all.

Can you record a video of the problem?

here is a link to a recoding of the issue:


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What if you try doing this on a normal detail screen instead of doing it inside an edit form? When you are in a form, changes aren’t committed to the table until you click on submit, so any computed columns in the table won’t do anything until you actually write data to the table. With a detail screen, you update the data in real time without the need for a submit button.

@Jeff_Hager that works!! So if I am trying to use it in the process of adding a customer I am not sure how I do that and get this functionality. I will be in a record that has not been added. However that still doesn’t clear up why it won’t do the auto complete in the data backend itself…unless I am missing something, which could for sure be possible! Thanks to all for assisting!

You will need a custom form which uses a normal detail screen which writes to the table in real time as you type.

That’s because you are not committing the text until you press enter. Until that text is actually written to the table cell, there is nothing for the radar integration to look at If you are actively editing a cell, it doesn’t yet exist in the table until you press enter.

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Thank you for all of your reply. I apologize for carrying on so long but in the video @Robert_Petitto did you watch him type in the data backend and the data changes in the autocomplete field. It does not really cause me a problem so I will move on. Thanks again! Awesome as always with everyone helping!

If it’s the video I think you are referring to, nothing shows up until he tabs out of the cell, so I’m not seeing the auto complete occur as he is typing. It’s only after he leaves the cell that it auto completes within the data editor. He does mention that he didn’t finish typing, but I think he means that it wasn’t a complete entry before he tabbed out. I would take a closer look at his video again.

Thanks for the clarification…

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