Question about referencing choices


I am trying to make an app for my brothers service business. This is the setup:

A Customer has a few Plant Rooms which has a few Machines

I have this bit set up and i can click into a customer and then into a plant room and see that customers machines.

Now I want to create a record if the machine is serviced. I set it up so you can look at services and click “+” to add a new service. You select the customer + the plant room + the machine and then fill in the details of the service.

My question is this - Can i create dynamic dropdowns so as the service record is created the choices of plant room / machine relate to only that customer? Or can i click thorough into a machine (via customer > plant room) and add a service record and have that machine auto-populated into the input via hidden value?

Thanks for the help!

Your first idea wouldn’t work because to dynamically filter choice components, you would need to be writing selections to the sheet as they happen. Add/Edit and Forms so not write anything to the sheet until you submit your changes.

You could have a details view screen with choice entry components to select the machine, then click a form button which will allow you to grab those selections and any additional info you enter into the form and submit it to a service sheet.

I think your second thought is the better solution. Click through customer/plant room/machine, then add a Form Button for service. This will give you access to all of the data in the machine record, so you can pick and choose with data columns from machines you want to include in your new service record. Just make sure that the machine record also contains plant room and customer Id or name, as a form button will only give you access to the machine record where the button was placed.

This worked perfectly - I havent used glide for a while and didnt know about the form button or pulling through values. Thanks!

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