Creating child records from the parent

I am working on an app that tracks expenses incurred during trips. A trip can include one or more Customer(s). So, there is a one to many relationship between the trip (one) and customer (many) tables.

I would like to be able to create first create a Job (call it Job 1). From within the Job 1 record, I’d like to be able to add Customers. I have 3 worksheets that contain: Jobs, Customers and Job/Customers, with relations between Jobs and Job/Customers and between Customers and Job/Customers.

Once I have created Job 1, I would like to be able to press a Add Customer form button where I can simply select a Customer from the Customers table using a Choice component.

So, from Job 1, I’d like to be able to add Customer A, Customer B, Customer C, etc.

Is there a way to simply select Customer A, then (using the same button) select Customer B, etc. - without also having to select Job 1 every time? The entries being made go to the Job/Customers table as:

Job ID Customer
Job 1 Customer A
Job 1 Customer B
Job 1 Customer C

How do I set this up so that the Job 1 side of the entry is automatically passed over to the table?

If you put a form button on your job details screen you can click on it to open the the form, place a choice component on the screen for the list of customers, and use the column value components to automatically include the job. Clicking submit will write a record with the automatically pulled job and the selected customer to the the job/customer sheet.

That did it! I didn’t understand the purpose of column values until now. Thank you sir!

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Could I ask one more thing? What would be the best way to display the customers associated with the Job on the Job detail view?

To clarify, I’d like to display a list of customers associated with the Job below the Add Customer to this Job form button.

Check out Multi-Level Select in I think that is very similar to what you want minus the choice component part of it.

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