Link new job to existing customer

I have two tables, one is customers and the other is jobs. These are linked by a relation through a Customer Number column. New jobs automatically populate in the jobs table (a google sheet) through a zap from a pipeline software once they are put into a specific status. What I want to do is:

  1. When the new job shows up in my glide app it will appear in a filtered list in the UI (filtered to show only those jobs where Customer Number is empty) - I have that already set up

  2. When the user clicks on that job in the list an overlay opens - I have that set up

  3. They should be able to search a list of existing customers within a table in the overlay - I have that set up

  4. Now what I want to do is for them to be able to select the customer that they want this job to be associated with and add the Customer Number from that customer into the Customer Number field within the job record. - THIS IS WHAT I NEED HELP WITH.

Any suggestions of how I could do this? If there is an easier way for the entire workflow I am all ears. Except that I cannot change the fact that the jobs are imported from the pipeline software to the google sheet, that is not optional.

Would a choice component be easier? Point the choice component to the customer column in the job table. Source it from a list of customers. Set the value to be the customer number, and set the display as to be the customer name.

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Duh!!! I was over thinking it :slight_smile: Indeed it would be! Thank you Jeff!


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