QR Codes, Webhook and Automations

Trying to figure out how to do the following in Glide - I’ve set this up in Integromat/Make but can’t help but this it could all be done in Glide saving on the operations and sync etc.

I basically need to scan a QR code, when the code is scanned, a page is opened, the page should have prefilled form with some data from a Glide row. On the page there should be a number input, this number is then deducted from a cell in the row that was used to pre-fill the form.

Can anyone help with this at all please?

As far as I know, there’s no way to prefilled form fields from a URL. You can certainly open a form screen from a QR code and that form screen can have default values, but the values would have to be set first before the screen is open.

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How about opening an edit screen for an existing record? Could that be done?

Yep! Just need the deeplink for that screen. Check out the explanation here:


Great! Just what I needed to see, now I should be able to build the entire solution in Glide :slight_smile:

Would love to see the finished project!

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