Can I Create A QR Code For Each Excel Line Added To App?

Hello what I am trying to know is if I upload the excel spreadsheet to Glide and it populates a “Page” for each entry, is there a way that if I can add a QR code sticker to the actual item in my hand. Scan that QR code and the page pops up in the app?
I want to build something where I can put at the end of an isle in a shop and people can scan the code on the product (Like a price check in Target Store) and the info shows on a tablet screen for the customer.
Is this possible in Glide?

A QR code is just a visual representation of text. If you have the Deep Link (Link to Screen) url, then you can create QR codes based on that url. When a user opens their camera app or barcode scanning app, then they can scan the qr code and give them the option to open that specific deep link in a browser.


Thanks I will check this out. Real quick… Is this something I would need to do for every single entry? Or is there a way it auto populates a deeplink for every page? Because I may have 10,000’s of items.

Watch the video. It discusses how to predict what the entire deep link will be and how to build it out.


I watched it awesome info it answered all my questions. Thanks.

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