QR Code link into specific page or form

Hello! First, Glide is pretty dang cool. I am loving it quite a bit.

I am building a test app as a prototype and am trying to solve a need in our department with it.

Right now, I have a list of objects that everyone can see, and they can go in and comment on them, see which one is checked out, available, etc.

I am trying to make it easy to add things to this list, even for people who don’t have the app or necessarily even want it, and my solution is a QR code where they can scan it, and the link ideally could take them directly to a form where they can add the object, photo, and other things that I have in there, and then submit it.

Is it possible for an external link to link to a specific tab or section of the website?
The other part would be a QR code on the specific object where someone can scan it and be taken to the info page about that. Who to contact, who has it checked out, etc. (all that I can handle already, just not the QR code or link into the specific page)

Now that I think about it more, I would also be interested if there could be unique identifiers on it… this isnt necessarily related to the above question, but more a side thought… could you make it so that someone can only add one thing to that list? and once they have, they cannot add to it again?


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It’s logged in feature request but no ETA

Sounds like you are looking for a couple of features that aren’t currently available yet through glide:

  • QR code scanning
  • Deep linking to specific areas in the app. (Although I literally just noticed that it’s currently in staging)

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by unique identifiers in relation to only adding one row, but you can add RowID’s or Unique ID’s to new rows. As for only allowing one entry…if you set up your form to also include the signed in user’s email, then on the sheet that contains the form button, you can create a template column that grabs the signed in user’s email from the user profile sheet, then create a relation to the form response sheet that links the template email to the email in the form. Then you can set a visibility condition on the form button to only show it if the relation is empty. Meaning that a user has not submitted anything yet.



I’m looking to do something really similar to this. Due to Covid-19, I want to enable contact free sharing with potential leads. Ideally, I want to enable a user to send a link directly to a specific application form to a potential lead. It seems like the alternative would be some relatively complex user persona handling that would default brand new users of the app to an application option, but I’d like to avoid that.

It sounds like what I want to do is deep linking to a specific page (a form) in the app. Where did you see that the feature is in staging? Is there a public facing space I can follow to see when that feature goes live? Is there another way today to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Thanks so much!