Tagging a sales lead with the sales rep. ID

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I’m working on an application where a sales person can choose a product category and when inside the detail screen of that category they can click a button to display a QR code which a potential client can scan. When the potential client scans the QR code, it sends them to a screen where they can enter their email address. After submitting their email they then receive an email with a product catalogue with products from that specific product category.

Here is what I would like to happen in Glide, when they submit their email address - An new row is created in the “Leads” table with their email address, the product category ID that the QR code originates from AND also the ID of the sales person who displayed the QR code to them.

The problem is, I don’t know how to approach this. I’ve looked at Glide deeplinks to understand if that’s how I solve this, or if there is another way of “passing” these parameters in to the leads table.

So sorry if my description for what I’m trying to do is confusing, I was struggling with how to explain it😂

Your input is MUCH appreciated!:pray::pray:

Have a look at Darren’s explanation of custom forms.

Thanks, I use this method for Custom Forms in most of my apps. In this case however, I can’t wrap my head around how to set it up to work in this case? Are you thinking the QR code would be a deeplink to the detail screen that holds this custom form and then use visibility conditions to control which part of the form the new lead/customer can see?

You don’t need deep links or anything for this, just an Add Row action.

  • Leads email address: you have this, because you’ve just captured it
  • Product Category ID: you should have access to this from the current screen?
  • Sales Persons ID: use the email address of the signed in user (or the RowID from the User Profile row)

Should be quite straightforward?

Hmm. Maybe I just don’t see it because it’s too easy then. Just to be clear, when the client scans the QR code with his phone, that would open the same custom form that the sales rep opened to display the QR code? But the only thing that would be visible to the client would be a email input field and a submit button?

I’ve never actually used the QR Code scanner, so I’m not sure how it interacts with Glide.
But in terms of the custom form - you have full control over that, so what is shown just comes down to how you setup and configure the individual components.

Ok, thank you. I will start building and see if I can figure it out🙂 I still feel like I need to use a deeplink to the specific detail screen that holds the custom form though. Otherwise I’m not sure how I could get a non-logged in user to end up on the right screen after scanning the QR code.

oh, wait… I misunderstood.
I read it that all this would be happening on the device of the Sales Rep, but I just re-read and I see that isn’t the case at all. It’s happening on the customers device.

Okay, that changes things somewhat. Yes, what you’ll need to do is include the Sales Rep UserID as a query parameter in the URL that’s embedded in the QR code. So the URL might be something like:


You can then use the Get Part of URL column to capture those parameters and use them with your Add Row action after the potential client adds their email address to the form.

Apologies for giving you an initial bum steer.

Thank you so much Darren for pointing me in the right direction! I found your video in this thread very helpful too :pray:

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