Import QR codes generated in Google Sheets

I received data from Google Forms to which I convert some of that data directly into a QR code. It is just LastName, Firstname.

I need to pull those Google Sheet Image created codes into Glide so they display in the user profile (of a team.

Can someone guide me how to do this?

Thank you.

Why not generate your QR Code inside the Glide Data Editor?

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I’m open to check it out, however, how to do that?
Can you point me how to create QR codes in Glide Data Editor?

The QR codes currently generate automatically in Google Sheets depending on the input from Google Forms. That keeps all data in one table when I pull it over to Glide.

The Google form will be active periodically and need to generate QR codes when input is received.

Well, I assume that the Google Sheet that contains the FirstName and LastName is connected to Glide?

Given that, you’d just go to the Glide Data Editor and add two columns:


Thank you. I’ve added it and was able to generate the qr code.

How to get the QR code to display in the app on Layout view? It is visible in the data editor but not the layout view. Thank you, M

You can display it in any component that accepts an image.
An Image component, a Title component, even as the image in a Collection.
So just choose a component, add it to your layout, and set the source as the QR Code column.

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I’ve added a field and pointed to the column in the data editor. The QR code now shows in the layout view. However so does many rows of garbled data. Did I add the QR code incorrectly? How to remove the garble data? See attached image.

Did you use a Fields component? It won’t display properly in that, as it doesn’t accept images.

Here are some examples of how it could be displayed using various components:


Thank you. Sorry if I’m crushing you with questions. Trying to learn tonight.

I have images with URL links in the data table.
However, I can’t seem to get them to reference to the Image on the Card.
If I click the URL link itself in the layout the image opens fine. Just don’t know how to apply those images to the Card.

Can you show me a screenshot from the layout editor that shows how the card collection is configured?

Here you go.

See below - Image should be pointed at your QR Code column

oh, wait - have I misunderstood?

If you want to use that “Photo of Self” column, try changing the column type to “Image” in the Glide Data Editor.

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I think I understand the issue.

The URL links are to uploaded images stored on a Google Drive sourced from user input via a Google Form. The Google Drive URL links are not working.

When I changed the links to images (on a couple of cards in the data editor) to URL links from the web (general links to public images) it worked immediately.

What is odd is the Google Drive URL images do not pull into the card, however, when I have them as a field (and it displays the URL) it opens just fine when I click the link. So the link to the Google Drive images (via URL) does work when clicking out to the image… just not to pull in and display on the card.

Any other way to manage this?

I ask because Google Forms are very useful for sending to High School student / athletes (I’m using this to help manage a high school sports team). When I send them the google form (to register them and get basic contact details) I ask them to upload an image of themself to add to the card. This obviously helps coaches relate the name to an image while they get to know the whole team.

Your thought on how do to this while still using Google Forms to collect the images?

How important is it that you use Google Forms?

Personally - I would ditch the Google Form and collect the data via Glide. Either add a form to your existing App, or create a new basic App just for the purpose of collecting the data, and use a shared Glide Table. This way, the images will be uploaded directly to Glide storage, and the issues you’re having will go away.

For the moment I will need to use Google forms as the data goes directly to my Google Drive for the District. I then share that information with others in the school.

I’m open to learn how to create a Form in Glide but I’m very new to this and afraid it will take a while to learn. It’s 3am where I’m at so I’m trying to learn… but my deadline is fast approaching. I need to send out the form next week.

Can you point me to a Glide tutorial on budling forms (which is similar to Google Forms with drop-down lists?).

Setting up a form is quite straightforward, below is a link to the relevant doc:


Thank you. I’ll go through it a little now and more tomorrow. Much appreciated!

In my app I have data presented like cards (members of the team).
How to set up a filters like I would do slicers in Excel. For example I want to filter all males who are wrestling at a specific weight class (126 for example which is one out of 14 weight classes)…
So I’d need a drop down for each of those filters (on data already in the table) on the layout screen.
Filter Male/Female, and weight class, and status (JV/Varsity). I’ve watched several videos and I’m tinkering around for the last two hours but can get it started (don’t see how to set it up).

Have you tried the In-App filtering?

In your Card Collection configuration, look under Options:


Excellent. That gets me in the right direction. Thank you!

Aside question, I view everything in the layout section on my computer. For some reason now, in the app on my iphone, I only see users. I do not see (and cannot get to) the data cards. I must have blocked myself. Where to check?