Retrieving images and QR codes from Glide


I have generated QR codes in Glide. I now need to email them out. If insert the QR code into an email action, it just spits out the code.

How do I retrieve the image and send?

I’m thinking of using the Rich Text field for the body of the email, but it still isn’t clear how I would insert the QR code into the rich text.

Would also like to know how to do this with images uploaded. They don’t seem to be saved anywhere accessible?

Is there a way to insert a field in between text like you would with a variable in code?

Failing this, how would I push the QR code out via Make. Is there a link hidden somewhere to the QR code?

I know the native QR image doesnt allow to be exported, only displayed in the app itself. I had to resort to using Cloudinary to create a QR code link that when shared, is displayed as an image. I have since then switched to Rebrandly for link click stats, but if you dont need that then Cloudinary will work just find for you. Just requires a Temp column

Humm well that’s disappointing! Cloudinary will add to much additional cost unfortunately.

I’ll either need to use Make or maybe deep link to the QR code in the app.

Quick chart does QR codes too. Just pass the value as a query parameter, and the result will be an image.

Really you can use any service that renders a QR code. There’s nothing special to them other than being a coded visual representation of text.

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Thanks Jeff - think I’ll just email out the deep link and have the QR code in the app, seem to be the quickest way for now :slight_smile:

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Yea thats actually who I meant, Quickcharts! And its free to do