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A very useful thing! I just now added an additional tab to my app, that shows the QR Code, containing the URL of my business card. Thank you! :pray:

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I still cannot understand why the generated qrcode is not displayed on the iPhone screen, although everything works fine on the page in the browser chrome of my computer. On the iPhone screen, in the application, I see only an animated waiting icon.

Do you see the generated QR code in the Glide Table column?
Which type of component are you using to display it in? (should be an image component).

btw… personally I would not use this for QR codes. I would instead use Quickchart

yes, I see the generated code in the Glide table, I also see the image of the code in the Image component on the computer screen, but at the same time I see the rotating icon on the iPhone screen.

What are you using as the data for the QR code?

As a data for QRCode generation I use an URL to my business card: https://m-goyberg.glideapp.io/

I just added an extra tab with QRCode to my business card in the hopes that it will work. I take the data (URL) from the Glide table, and I just added another tab with exactly the same code, but I take the data (URL) from the Google Sheets table - the result is the same: everything works on the computer screen, a rotating icon on the iPhone screen expectations.

mmm, I just did a test and get the same result. Maybe @david can explain what’s going wrong there.

I also tested using your URL with a QR Code generated using the quickchart QR API, and that works fine.


:arrow_up: works fine in the published app

:arrow_up: does not work in the published app


Thank you.
How can I read this QRCode by Glide apps?

What do you mean by “read by Glide apps”? You want to scan a QR code using Glide?

I want something like Barcode Scaner.

I understand that the glide reader is only for barcode but that a QR code reader is being tested


Yes, what Francisco said above, but I’m not sure they’re releasing QR code reader anytime soon. At the end of last year, if I recall right, the reader can read both QR and barcode, but they put only the barcode part to production.

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