QR Code - Attendee Check-In

We need the ability to check attendees in via a QR code. Now more than ever, contactless solutions are important for us given the situation with COVID-19.

(1) generate QR code upon user registration
(2) check-in attendee by scanning QR code


You can use a Google API within your spreadsheet.

The code looks like this: = image (“https://chart.googleapis.com/
chart? chs = 150x150 & cht = qr & chl = ”& A2)

Reading can be done with any camera. IOS or Android.

@Augusto_Sergio do you know of any videos demonstrating in Glide the functionality I listed above?

googleapis doesnt work

below works
=ARRAYFORMULA(if(isblank(I2:I), “”, (“https://image-charts.com/chart?chs=150x150&cht=qr&chl=”&I2:I)))

@_eric You can have a look here for inspiration. The app probably wont perform as fast as you would like as you have to use a form button.

Thanks so much @Krivo !

Hi @valerio, is this formula supposed to generate a QRCode from an image stored in GSheet?
If yes, it’s great … but I don’t manage to use it…

Delete the double quotes and add them again. They paste incorrectly in the forum.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager, in addition to rewriting the double quotes, for my sheet it also required to add the “image” function (surely basic for experts, not for newbies as I am!)


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Does the image function translate into glide? I’ve always thought of the image function as a way to show the actual image within the sheet and not as a way to show it in glide (which needs a url).

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The formula was supposed to generate a QR from any data you have in a row for a determinated column in the case column O where I have Row ID

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Thanks @valerio, it works well; and indeed @Jeff_Hager you’re right: I was trying to display the QR Code in GSheet at this stage to check that it works well; sorry for the misunderstanding

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Interested in video showing how this works also… Would be great if you provide this. Thank you in advance… I have a security company that staffs guards at locations. They want them to checkin. I need to read the code of the qr to pull out the location then store that data in a sheet along with the logged in user / guard how scanned it.

Could you show me how you set this up?
not sure how you are getting the data from the QR code and pasting it in a sheet along with a times stamp and name of the logged in user who scanned it. Is that possible … Need a workaround until Glide implements a seamless one where you don’t have to take a picture.


Second this

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