Push Notifications - Boolean Trigger

Hi all. I’m just testing a few Push triggers and i may have hit a couple of issues. I have an app that i’m making that allows me to set reminders for subscriptions i need to pay for, like Netflix. The basic idea is to add the renewal date and have the Push notifications trigger the day before or the same day of the renewal so i can either cancel my subscription or so i can add funds to my account. I have a section where i have a Boolean switch Component which is labelled “Get Reminder”. It is linked to a Data Source which of course switches between Checked or Unchecked depending what the user selects. During the onboarding steps for the app, the user is asked to “Enable Push Notifications”, which works fine with a button. But using a Switch doesn’t seem to trigger the same reaction, even if the Action is the same. The Action is setup to “Set Values” for the Push notifications section to be True.

The other issue i am trying to figure out the best way to go about is how to make the Push Notifications be triggered by the renewal dates? For example, if the Netflix subscription renewal date is in 5 days time, i want it to trigger the day before. If anybody has any information on layouts that would work please let me know.


Two comments:

  1. Currently, a far as I know, actions (and therefore push notifications) cannot be triggered based on time, they can only be triggered based on the behavior of a user (activation vis an action-friendly component such as a button, image, etc.)

  2. As of writing, there seems to be an issue with push notifications, which hopefully will be resolved soon.


To add to Nathanael’s comment, Glide did mention time-based triggers in a video at the start of this year.

We don’t know if it would drop Q3/Q4, but that’s the last thing I heard related to time-based triggers.

You can work around this by using a time-based scenario in Make, but you would not be able to trigger push notifications based on that.

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