Update to push notifications?

Hi all - is there any update to push notification enhancements? I’ve read there currently is no time set push notifications :frowning:

Does anyone know how I can enable the following reminders?

  1. Weekly (or every 3 days), etc. - ex, Every saturday a push reminder goes out to everyone automatically
  2. Overdue - whenever a specific task goes overdue a reminder gets sent that the item is overdue

I feel i understand how to get a push notification if someone uploads a post or has a comment on it, but not the above 2 scenarios.

Thank you

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Time-based actions are not available now. Same answer for your “overdue” question.

ok, thanks. Is there any work around or options you recommend? I just am reading about Make and i know there’s zapier. I’m a maker member now so not sure if that matters on other available options.


You can use automation tools to trigger scheduled notifications and deliver via email or text. But you cannot trigger scheduled push notifications.

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ok,thank you. So I’m looking at make now and trying to figure out how to have scheduled notifications via webhooks. Is that the right approach?

No, not really.
You would need something like:

  • Fetch the data you need via the API
  • Iterate through it, and send notifications to those users that match whatever criteria you set.
  • Schedule the above to run at an interval of your choosing.
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Could you guide me a little more? I’m just looking to send a reminder notification to all users to login every other day.

Which plan do you have?

maker, i just signed up for the year not realizing no time notifications yet. Trying to work around this

I think you might struggle to do this on Maker, as you really need access to the Glide API.

Unless you are using a Google Sheet as a data source?

I’m using both Google sheets and tables in glide.

Okay, so given the below goal:

  • your Users table needs to be a Google Sheet. Assuming that it is, the steps would be as follows:
  • Start with a Google Sheets module to return all rows in your Users Sheet
  • Use an Iterator module to process the returned rows one by one
  • Use a GMail module to send an email to each user
  • Schedule the scenario to run once per day
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Thanks, i’ve tried this method through Make now. Hoping it works well as an intermediary!

Hi all - anyone know if there’s any update to glide non-action based push notifications?

I’ve used Make to email users a time based reminder, but would love to have push notifications sent to each user based on overdue task items (non-action push).


Time-based actions: not as of yet natively in the action editor.

I quote @NoCodeAndy

There are issues with web push notifications on iOS, which is why it’s still in Preview mode. Twilio should be a more reliable alternative, or routing through another 3rd party via Zapier.