Send Push Notifications in a specific day of the week

Hi everyone! Is it possible to send a push notification for certain users of the app every week? The idea is to remind them to answer a form that must be submitted every week. I’m not sure how to program this action using the Push Notification integration.

Setting up a time based trigger for actions is not currently possible (at least not yet :wink:) What you could do is manually send the notifications to your users. The source could be an ITE column which is setup as follows… if form is not complete then email else blank.

FYI you’ll have to request permission from your users for push notifications to work… it’s a separate action.

If there’s a lot of activity in your app you may be able to come up with something creative/ automatic whereby the notification is triggered by some random action in your app… say an item click on a collection by a random user.

E.g. If todays date is Monday and the last notification sent date is not within today then send notification else do nothing.


With this, you would also have to set some sort of a value so that it won’t continuously trigger a notification when multiple users hit that action.

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I typically use a timestamp as the value for this sort of thing

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