Weekly notification for an app with Job Board and Internal forum

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I’m working on an app that has a internal forum for members and also a job board. There are almos 2k members nowadays. They asked me to implement a weekly notification to all users reporting the recently added job oportunities and also the latest forum posts of the week.

I’m strugling with this since I couldn’t find a way to implement the weekly report.

Did you already worked on something similar ? Any idea on how I can do this ?

Thanks in advance!

I assume you want this automated vs manual push? If so, you’ll need to have your data live in a source other than Glide Tables (unless you’re an enterprise customer). If your data lives in Google Sheets or AirTable, you can set up an automation/script that looks for new content, compiles a list of data, sends it via email.

Yes, it should be automatic. I’m using Google Sheets and think in use Zapier but the question is: how to set this to “acumulate” the notifications and just send once a week ? That’s the main question now. I’m still looking but no solution until now.


A quick answer would be:

  • Define the day of week you want to send your notifications.
  • Check if TODAY is that day of week that you chose.
  • If so, define an hour of day to send emails
  • Check the TIME of TODAY.
  • If TIME is the hour you marked, fire the procedure to send emails.

If you are going to use a Google Script, your Trigger can be defined by a schedule and makes your life easier.



In Integromat/Make, you can set a schedule for your scenario, let’s say only run every Monday at 7AM:

  • Check the Jobs sheet for any content that you can automatically mark as new (say added in the last 7 days).

  • Do some text transformation, then add those job names to the email body.

  • Send the email to the list of users you want to send (this can come from a Sheet search as well).


Great man!!

I was about to start this investigation on Zapier or Make. Great to hear that we already have it available at Make. Thanks !

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