Pulling in relating columns data

I am making a simple shopping menu…one of the features I want to have is the ability to add stock which contains SKU and Description. My data is setup as below image


I wanted to make it simple to add stock. In this case, when user select SKU from choice component, I want the description related to the SKU to be pulled in as well…Below is my Add SKU form…Suggestions please.


Firstly, if you don’t need to show the description in this same screen, you can have a relation & lookup to bring that over in the destination sheet.

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In case you want the user to see that description, then you must have a custom form (i.e a “link to screen” action, then a bunch of entry components plus an add row action to do this).

When you use the form, you can’t do anything with the data inside it (relation & lookup, math etc.) to show live data.

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@ThinhDinh thanks for clarifying. I thought there was a way to do with relation to show live data.

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