Published app not sending data back to glide

Hello all,

I have been playing around with Glide for a few weeks and have had some extremely useful help from users in the community.

I have just published an ‘app’ that I have made ‘public’ with no ‘sign in’. When I tested the link everything is running well, however, the data that is entered on the public app isn’t writing back to Glide. Nothing is being populated.

When I complete the form on my desktop the information is written into the ‘data’ tab.

Has anyone had this issue before? Do I need to change the settings?

Thanks in advance!

I am facing the same issue with one of my Glide page isn’t updating properly.

The data is visible in Glide Table, but doesn’t appear in Google Sheet.

Mine doesn’t appear in the Glide page.

If I complete the ‘form’ on my MAC the data table that it is writing to is updated. However, the published app tells the user it has been ‘completed’ but nothing is being sent back to the Glide data tabs. I’m at a loss.

Well, mine suddenly works, just moments ago. I didn’t do anything to it… :thinking:

How is the data submitted?
Are you using a native form, or some type of custom form?

Mine has just started working now too. That is weird!!

Hey Darren. Im using a custom form but it has now started populating back to the Glide table.


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