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Hello all,

I made a waiter app for cafes that can Waiter take orders and close orders from payment page. And they can see income of all of orders and also menu product list

But I can not share it because on Submit To Template Store page, the NEXT button is not activate :slight_smile:
Do I do something wrong?

Any idea?


Can you show us some screenshots or a video?

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I can not click next button :slight_smile:

Probably you can contact for this.

Is that template made from another template?
You need to start from scratch, in order to publish your work to the template store.

I think it’s a bug. I tried with one of my own made from scratch and I couldn’t get the Next button to enable either.

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Can it be related to being community expert or something?

That shouldn’t matter. I’ve never submitted a template, but I would double check your Video URL. Make sure it has “https://” at the beginning. If you have a video URL we can double check, that might help.

It is https

I changed it to vimeo link still button is not coming. I am gonna crayz :smiley:

Try setting a price and then set it back to Free.