Publish and umpublish rows

I need some advice.

I have to glide tables both with row owners.
Table look and look products.
One look can have n look products.

My goal is that the user has a button publish in the look detail view that make the look and related look products visible for everyone.

Then unpiblish button reverse this.

Any Ideas?

My first thought was to make to tables without row owner. But hiw to cooy all related looks products at once?

Happy for any advice.

Ok I think I have an idea.

Using template columns to create my own json object and yous a web hook and Integromat to copy the complete look.

Hmmmm. What do you think?

Yup this works.

Here the json column for the look product:

Than the joined list for the product array:

The complete json for the look:

Next the integromat scenario:

The json node parse the json out of the value that glide sends. The iterator process over the look products array inside the json-Object.

Last but not least the webhook:


I did a little redesign. Now I can handl the publish and unpublish workflow with one scenario.

I think you might have problems with special characters in the strings that are part of your JSON if you build it like that.
When it comes to building a JSON I use the JSON.stringify function in apps script.

I hope that the webhook action encode the url correctly.

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Let me know

I have two URLs with Parameters in my json-object and it works like expected.

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