Public/public w/email question

I don’t :neutral_face: it sounds like there could be a conflict in your data, so it can’t “decide” whether to show it or not.

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I didn’t have it, just started happening this afternoon! No changes in the tab visibility settings. All tabs have conditions for visibility because that’s part of how we set up the @Robert_Petitto onboarding process…

So weird! Not sure what to say. When this happens to me I just leave it alone and do other things, then come back to it later with fresh eyes/ideas.

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Yep, agreed. I reported it as a bug. It’s not okay to have this happen because it can cause data breaches for some of us - in this app it’s just an on-boarding screen in a public app but my other app is for enterprise. :upside_down_face:

I have a feeling it’s not a bug, but give it a few hours! :star_struck: certainly an app like this needs to work flawlessly before unleashing to the users.

Yep. My definition of bug is anything that doesn’t work properly, including lag in visibility conditions and design flaws. :grin:

I define bug as something that’s wrong with the software, but if the software does what it was designed to do and the developer (ie: you) has some issue with the data or logic, I would not consider it a bug, I can’t be 100% sure without seeing your app which one it is yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This works,(and i am grateful) but after the user enters some data (name, phone, etc), I would like to lock some of the fields so the user cannot edit them in the future. Suggestions?

Do you want to do that on that same screen or are you referring to a later process where you have an edit button?

First login: user enters 3-4 data elements. Subsequent logins: user can only edit 1-2 of those elements. Ok if the first login screen is one and done then edits happen in different screen. Thank you

Then just let them sign in and never see that screen again. Configure the right components for the edit screen.

@Robert_Petitto Thank you for the video. Great stuff. Note: On the “Complete Profile” button that is used when the profile is not complete, I added a notification when its clicked “you must fill out…”

@ThinhDinh Thanks to you for the help on this as well. You put me on the right track.

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@Robert_Petitto When I use the Complete Profile methodology from your video, the new rows do not include a unique ID. Previously, this was automatically generated and included in each row. Did I inadvertently turn something off? Thank you.

Just to keep the conversation together, I’m referencing my post here.

Bizarre. You may need to add a new Row ID column.

Ok, Row ID does get the job done. Thank you both.

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