Property enquiries

I have a collection of properties each record of which contains the email address of the owner (this is hidden). I would like to create an enquiry form that enables visitors to make an enquiry about the property using a contact form, but cannot see how include the email address of the owner as the recipient of the form submission.


  • Create a collection with Properties as the data source
  • On the collection item or the detail screen of the collection, set a Show Form Screen action. Alternatively a form container on the detail screen. The form writes to an Enquiries table. Pass the owner email as a screen value.
  • On the On Submit action, set one of the Send Email actions.
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Thanks a million for your response…I am getting there!

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I edited my answer above with further information.

You have helped! It works. I am now using Zapier to augment the email functionality

Thanks again


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