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Hi team, I’m working on a speaker directory; I’ve managed to get this working to display listings. When I go into a certain speaker, I’ve created an enquiry form. This submits info into another spreadsheet tab. However, I’m not able to link the enquiry to the user it was about, what am I missing here so that it’s clear as to which speaker the enquire was for ?

Also when this enquiry form gets submitted is there a way to fire off an actual email to a admin user?

please advise
thank you

You need a column in your destination table to hold the Speaker Name or ID.
Then configure a “Values from Screen” component in your Form to take theName/ID of the currently selected speaker, and write it to that column.

Yes, you can use an onSubmit action with the form to send/trigger an email.

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I think that may be working. So on the speaker page, I have an enquire page, this is now set to send the form information into the Enquiries data table , eg name, email, phone, and speaker name which is link to the current screen. This adds the information into the right filed …

3 things now I’m not sure of which have come up

1 - how to add an additional form action to email/notify an admin?

2 - would I now create another admin-only view which shows all the results

3 - if the admin was to reply back to the enquiry would I have to create another table to start to store the conversation?

thank you so much really appreciate your input

Your onSubmit action can be a custom action with multiple steps. You can send one email with one step, and then send the second.

That’s totally up to you :slight_smile:

How would they reply?
If they are replying to an email, then it gets a bit tricky to capture that reply back into Glide.
If they are replying via the App, then yes you could set up some sort of conversation. But this where it starts getting a bit complicated. You’d need to make sure you’re capturing the correct information in the Enquiries table so that you could filter. And then if you want a threaded conversation it gets even more complicated. If that’s the direction you want to go, then you might want to take a look at the Chat component.

I see… I could use comments, but then I’ll need something to notify the user and the ability for only that user to be able to see their enquiry and the comments. Would that be a visibility condition? if so which one would filter it so the user can only see the enquires they have made?

I was suggesting Chat, not Comments. They are very different.
Comments are basically public for anyone to see, whereas a Chat is Collection type, which means that it can be sorted, filtered, etc. Chat is intended for 1 to 1 or group conversations. Comments cannot be used that way.

When you configure a Chat, you’ll be capturing the senders email address with every message, as well as a ChatID (Unique Identifier). You can use those in combination to filter the chat messages appropriately.


thank you. So could a flow work like this? An agent views speaker profiles and submits an enquiry. This enquire would be visible to the agent and admin. Admin/agent can open the enquiry and it shows the original message and then chat under it so the admin can communicate with the agent about the enquiry. Then once it’s finished the admin can archive the enquiry ? As I can see chat but I cnt seem to get the user access right so its only visible to the agent who submitted it and any damin.

Assuming the enquiry is on a new row, you can filter the collection of enquiries to only show it where the agent email is presented, or the signed-in user’s role is admin.

Configure the chat component so they can communicate back and forth.

If you want an archive function as well, give the admin a button to archive. Filter the original collection so that whatever column you use to determine the status of the enquiry being archived or active is having an active value.


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