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Hi glide community I need help with my profile and I wonder how I can unlock so I can put my profile picture up and fix this in my data, also it keep saying this screen visibility conditions is false.?

What conditions are you using for this screen? What tab are you trying to change here?

Data part to fix for the profile part in my google

Can you show us what conditions you have for this tab?

Here is my problem how can I unlock that profile lock off of it and how can I get my profile pic, I think it had to do with separate user and business.

That lock just means that you can’t remove the profile tab as it’s part of the base app. Do you have any visibility conditions on the tab itself?

This how it look right now but it does says something about setting the conditions tab be visible based on user profile to show pic.




But that’s a tab you call “User”. Originally you were asking about the User Profile native tab from Glide?

All of that had something to do with the profile and a little to do with the visibility to see my picture on the round profile part.

It would be better if you can record a video on what you are trying to do, and what you are struggling with.

You still haven’t show the tab visibility settings.

(This is old documentation, but the tab visibility conditions are in the Options tab now)

Hey @jeff_ Hager i finally figure out how to get my picture back and some how i had it through the about part but i"m good now and i will be doing some more editing and adding things before i launch my app. i want to thank you for taking the time to checking on me to help fix my problem.!!!

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