Profile Control

I would suggest if we can have a control over the data update specially that sometimes we are importing profile from another sheet or even through a lookup

Since we already have a control over the components and updates we need a disable button over the profile pic

And we can control it then later via the button or anything else but the ability to avoid it because it will override the sheet and affect the Import range function in Google sheet

@Yasin_Hassanien it’s not completely clear (at least to me) what you are asking for here. Perhaps you could add a screen shot to demonstrate what you are looking for?


Neither to me

So leaving the user to upload the profile picture directly to the cell which the place holder is loading from it is cracking. The IMPORTTANGE Function in google sheet which is loading the records from another sheet since we have multiple apps with the same user and we like to have the same user records and update centralized.

And for some other tools we integrated Slack profile picture to be inherited directly.

So having a Control over the place holder to disable user update by clicking on the profile picture is going to give us the space to give him a button component to update his profile pic that will be updated automatically in the central sheet

So we have already the name and the email disabled so we think the profile pic also should be and the components will help us to give the user space to update atleast in cells we control not a formula

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