Producers adding their products

Hey all!

I’ve created an app that connects farmers (and other producers) with people in their locale (

Does anyone have any idea how I could make it so that farmers can add their own products, and update them whenever necessary? So, to have like a separate sheet (somewhere) for each individual producer (of which there could be thousands) …

Thanks for any help!

Neat idea! You could add a form where users can create a profile, and another where they could upload their fruits & veggies, along with pictures.

Ok! So I created a from where they can add themselves.

Now, how would I do the other form? Because 1 form creates 1 row, whereas we need each row to be their own product…

I’d add a form pointed at the products tab right in their profile.

Ah, so they add each product then separately, as in “add product” ?

How do I create a profile for them? I guess they need to login? And I need to create a “profile” sheet, and a profile tab?

Right. As far as the profile goes, let the farmers add their own farm, make it public with email so they can edit the data related to their farm. The Farms tab is plenty, really, but if you want to get fancy, you could do a real profile, and relate it to the farm.

What I’d like is so they could add, delete and edit products (edit the quantity, price).

Give them edit rights.

Can you specifically make it so they can only edit their own?

Yep. Just have to set permissions right.

The app is setup so that no sign-in is needed, is it still possible to set permissions right? Can you be more specific, please?

I guess this is a solution. Because I don’t want users/buyers to have to register, but this could solve it.

What do you think @Tim_Sullivan

You could do it that way if you want. I would have it public with email so I could do it all with one app, but you have to shoot your own game.

Yes, it would make it easier, however, it would also mean everyone would have to log-in, and in reality only a micro % would need to login, so it would make no sense for the users/buyers.