Multiple products and vendors, yet 1 single order. How to send a unified order via email?

Hey all!

I’m working on, an app that lets people easily find local food producers all over Slovenia ( is the stripped down English version, which was recently featured).

What I’m currently tackling and need your help with is this:

So far people can find the food they want and order it either via phone or email. Or click to the online store of the producer (1 out of 300…).

Now I connected Stripe and made it possible to buy via the app. This creates a problem. People will add several products, and quite possibly from different producers. That’s fine. What I cannot get around is how do I automate the email/notification part.

I created a separate sheet, which copies the “App:Sales” sheet, but adds crucial info like email of the producer and telephone number.

How do I make it so, that the order of 1 person (say 10 items, from 3 producers), is bulked together into 3 separate orders (in the message, that is) and sent to 3 different producers?

I know there must be some sort of google sheets magic. Someone suggested using Rollup on Airtable… there’s also a rollup function within Glideapps, but no idea how to use it.

Any thoughts? :smiley:


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I saw a post yesterday about overcoming push notifications. Take a look at that. The process described there may be of some assistance. I personally have no experience with what you’re trying to accomplish, but this may help.

Hey Tim, thanks for chipping in. I read that and I’m not sure it helps. Or at least, I am not proficient enough to know whether or not it could help.

What I want is to lump together a buyer’s order (which is made into separate rows in App:Sales, 1 for each different), into one entire order, and then send that to the seller.

Makes sense?

Yeah it makes sense, but again, I have no experience with this (yet).

I guess my thought is if you have the order broken out into 2 or 3 rows, the script could send those 2 or 3 rows to the appropriate vendor(s), then flag the rows so they don’t get sent again.

I don’t know how easy it would be to create only three separate emails, but I imagine you would use some sort of vlookup in the sheet to link the SKU back to the owner of the item. Then send out your emails with a script or zapier to the respective item owner.

  1. C elects 9 items. 3 from S1, 3 from S2, and 3 from S3 = 9 items but 3 separate stores/sellers. Correct?

  2. Each item purchased is recorded on the orders received sheet in rows, correct?

  3. You want to bulk together the items (as in all 9 items in one email and send email to 3 sellers) or separate the items by seller and send three separate emails?

  4. Stripe is not making any distinction between sellers; it’s simply recoding the transaction as for 9 items and asking C to pay. Correct ?

  5. Your task is to separate the items by sellers and send email to each seller asking to dispatch order. Correct?

I have deliberately changed the order of q 3 and 5 to understand something. Might sound confusing, but pls answer Q in the order set if you could.