Striipe orders

Hello, i’m working on a food delivery app, once you connect your stripe account google sheet create a new sheet ( APP SALES ) where i can see all the orders, is there a way to send those info to an email?

Should be possible using a service like Make to automate out sending the email.

Okay, but how do i make it? I mean what’s the trigger, what’s the procedure? I just need the main concept to be able to set it up. I’m stuck otherwise… Thanks

If you’ve got them going into a google sheet you could set the trigger within the google sheet to trigger a new email when a new row is added, or if you want a snapshot at a particular interval, when that interval is passed.

You can do it like this:

  • Set up a Make scenario to watch for new rows in that specific App: Sales sheet.
  • Set up an email module and connect your email to send you new info whenever there’s a new row. You can reference fields from the “new row” in your email.