Good morning,
I have a problem with the creation of my application. I based it on the “Instagram” model. When someone creates an account on a device, it’s as if everyone has logged into their account. Then when I put in the filters “Email is signed in user”, the registration page doesn’t appear anymore. Could someone please help me?

Probably gonna need some screenshots or a video. The only thing I have to look at is the instagram template, which seems to work fine as is. What have you changed since copying it?

I can’t send videos now and I’ve changed a lot since I copied the Instagram template. But the question I’m asking myself is: How do I make sure that when a new device connects, it can have its own account? In other words, how do you get a device to be its own accurate account?

There isn’t per device settings, but using per user email filtering and visibility by email would be the solution. This requires Public with Email or Whitelist for the Privacy setting. Then the user can sign in on multiple devices and see their same account.

Actually everything works, I mean, when I’m stretching the application on the computer and I put the preview as … it works but then when I connect to the phone it doesn’t work. That is, the page with all my profile information doesn’t appear and it asks me to register.

Are you using the same email address to sign in on your phone that you used when creating the profile?