Problem with the Web Embed Mobile integration (PDF LINK)

Hello, I have a problem with the Glide web embed (APP), it doesn’t work properly, when we embed on a PDF link there are several issues:

1 - The PDF is not zoomed out to the maximum for see the whole page and then be able to zoom in if necessary

2 - It only displays one page of the PDF and not all the pages

The goal would be to have an overview of our pdf. where we can scroll the all pages of our pdf, and see all the page (like browser)

I know there is the “Browser” integration which works well, but we would like to use the webview as much as possible in order to be able to customize the page such as adding buttons to delete or download the document.

Someone have an idea if we can fix it with some CSS or i don’t know ?


Thank’s it’s workin nice !

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