PDF on iPhone

I’m using webview to display PDF’s on my app. It looks great on the preview but on the app itself on my actual iPhone, it doesn’t display the PDF properly, it just shows one image from the PDF. Any idea?

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Do you store that file on Glide’s storage or somewhere else?

I store it on my own server. Does it matter?

I haven’t tested this case but does that link work with an image component?

Hello, when I attach it as an image, it shows just the first image of the PDF but not the PDF itself. It looks like a bug. Any idea?

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Okay, you and I are on the same page today @SuperMerabh! I am trying to display PDF for the first time today. Read all the threads I could find and have tried webview and image components and it’s not working. For me, I upload via file picker and I see the resultant url link in the sheet but webview is blank on GDE and scrolls up/down and sideways in phone, but still only one page. Image displays only first page - no scroll. Did you happen to figure it out or anyone else have any ideas what is going wrong? I do not want to try cloudinary yet. May get there but trying to use native Glide capabilities first.

Yes we are @deena, I am very new to this app so I’m not familiar with all the other options. I just used a direct URL to the PDFs. Worked great on the preview but not on iphone. I eventually gave up and just put a button linking to the PDF.

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