PDF VIEW on Glide App

Does anyone know how to add a pdf on glide to be able to be viewed by the user? The reason why Im using PDF file is because I do not like how glide formats text and images so I used pdf to keep my format aligned. I been trying the pdf link , uploading as JPEG , exporting to canva , inserting link , nothing works. Please help me out if you can .

Use the image component to display the PDF, and when clicked open URL of this PDF

I tried that and it does not work either. my pdf is not private . Is there another work around?

You’ll need to store the PDF somewhere that will allow it to be embedded. Does Adobe offer an embed-specific link you could try?

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Upload that pdf to Glide… use the files picker… or You can also use your Google Drive

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file picker does not allow .pdf or .doc to be uploaded

It does uploading. I use it all the time

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the problem with that is that is it only displays the first page of the pdf. My pdf is 3 pages , do you know how to display all pages ?

Click on it, and the action will be to open the link to that PDF or add a button for that… Glide can’t scroll PDF yet… or if you are on a paid plan or you are using Classic App, you can open that PDF in the web view.

I been looking and couldnt find where , I would have to get a third party site and pay for the feature. so im currently looking for a way to do it for free. I think using the classic app .

classic app doesnt allow it either.

I tried classic app and nothing worked. I don’t know why it is so comlicated if I can click a link I dont see why I cant view the whole pdf. I will see if theres maybe a different app that can . thanks for trying

Something is wrong with your link, i don’t have any problems in classic or new Apps… You can’t see whole document, only first page… Use the webview or see in the browser option

You can follow Uzo’s instruction. Upload the PDF file using the file picker, then use the web embed component and point that to the column where you store the PDF URL.