How to link pdf file

I have a 300 pages PDF file, I have took a component, In google drive i have uploaded the PDF file and got the link and pasted in the url of glide, I can just view a single 1st page which is not fit to the screen,

Any suggestion how it works little in details plz. Thx

Do you mean that you wanna scroll PDF pages? you will have to upload pages separately… image component is not a PDF reader

yes like we view PDF scrolling in single window.

not possible in Glide (for my knowledge), you need to separate pages and create a carousel column…
or use a webview and link to a website that you will host these PDFs

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You can use this with a webview component, but webview component itself is a Pro feature. If you don’t want to upgrade, I guess you can use a button to open the constructed link in a webview environment.


I don’t know if it will help but I point my pdfs to an outside server which works flawlessly.
Only catch there is I pay for the hosting. Not sure if one of the free hosting platforms would work but it might be an idea as you don’t need a domain name to host on them.

Which server do you use to host the PDF?