Problem with Relation Column

The relation columns I have made for the different sheets on this sheet are not working. Have I done a naming error somewhere? If not, kindly suggest me a way to sort this.

Check for any extra whitespace in either of the columns being matched.

Just a comment - in setting this up the way you have with one sheet per village, you are creating an awful lot of unnecessary work for yourself. Assuming that each village has similar attributes, then you’ll need to build a whole set of screens for each table. And if you ever add a new one, then you’ll have a whole new set of screens to build.

A much better approach would be:

  • Have one table that lists all your villages, with one row per village. Include a RowID in that table.
  • Have another table that lists all your students. Include a row in that table for VillageID. When you add a student, add the RowID of the corresponding Village from the Villages table.
  • And have one table for your Teacher Logs. Also include a column in this table for VillageID.

With the above setup, instead of needing several relations in each table, you’ll just need one or two.
And you won’t be endlessly building and maintaining screens for several tables.


Thanks for your recommendation, will implement it soon. :blush:

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