Pro glide page limiting number of items on map

Hey everyone! I am trying to display several hundred items on a map collection within a Glide Page. However, the number is being limited to 20 items. I can search and a different 20 items will appear so I know the data is there. Has anyone run into this?

I am on the Pro plan.

Thanks in advance!

Might not be the culprit, but may we know what type of plan are you on for this app/team that contains this app?

Pro Team. Which I believe should allow well over the couple hundred I need on the map.

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Please submit a ticket here.

Thank you! Looking forward to getting this resolved.

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Good Evening,

Just wondering if you have any updates here.



If you have submitted a ticket and haven’t received a reply, then maybe they’ll do so some time next week.

Sorry but I’m just a fellow user so can’t help with support tickets.

Thank you for all of your help!

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Hi, any update in this?

I haven’t heard anything back yet.

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