Pro Apps

When we make a duplicate app of a pro app. Is the duplicate also a pro app or does it need to become pro?
My app is one where we have the basic version and the customizable version.
Every time we copy and white label the app do these apps need to be made “pro” also?

Each subscription is per app, so yes you will need to upgrade the duplicated app if you want paid features in that one as well.

Please also note that those duplicated apps won’t get an update when you update the original app, so when you go with this approach, either make sure you are ready to duplicate, or ready to make the same change over all apps.

I suspect that @Eric_Penn might have some tips for managing multiple versions of the same app.

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I’ve tried my best to incorporate different requests from clients into one large ‘feature set’ for the main app. I keep one or two sandbox apps that I use for demonstrations/ development and testing.

When you are duplicating the app are you ‘keeping the sheet’ or ‘copying the sheet’? In my case I am copying the sheet for each new app. Copying the sheet creates more work because I have to duplicate and reconfigure Integromat scenarios as well as App scripts for each new copy.

General tips

  1. Stay organized
  2. Create a how-to setup NEW app guide for yourself - this is something you refer to each time you are setting up from scratch.
  3. Separate folders for different clients
  4. Make backups regularly

I’ve seen your crazy Integromat scenarios. I wonder if you might be able to save yourself a bit of work by adopting a similar approach as this…

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Agreed. I’ve been paying close attention to this thread and thinking the same. So you hardcode the datastore with spreadsheet ID and other important identifiers and then I could have all my GSheet modules reference the data store… Is that correct? Following your advice to redo my tables I managed to optimize my scenarios a ton. The large one now looks like this…

But since I’ve been adding a ton of features the total of the scenarios looks like such…

yeah, so the idea is instead of having a separate copy of each scenario for each app, you just have a single set of scenarios that handle all apps.

I’m not sure how well it would work in your situation, but I’d say it would definitely be worth investigating.