Pro App Mapping Issue

As I have a demo tomorrow, need an answer for this ASAP. Also sent to you privately @david

Using a pro app, “mapbox” for location ID, there’s a big problem when the user clicks on the “mapbox” icon and is asked permission to use customer location… it comes back with the app’s short url which is glide’s name…

Any way to correct this for a pro app? Thanks!

Your users do not see this. You only see it because you have Glide open. View your app in a private tab using your custom domain and try the same.

I used my cell also to connect to the app and saw the same short url glide name. I was signed out from my account on my computer. Does this have to do with my email sign in name?
Testing it on other’s cell phones.

Same issue on husband’s cell @david

You will see whatever URL you are using to access the app with. If you are using your link on your phone, that’s the domain you will see. Try again with your custom domain, and that is the domain you will see when the map prompts you.

Works if I send it to user’s cell number @david

That’s because it’s sending them your custom link—it’s the link that matters. This popup shows the link of whatever app you are using. Make sure you only share the custom link with users, and that’s all they’ll see.