Map Locate Icon Shows "" on Pro App Install

About to release an app and was checking everything… When the icon map location icon is clicked this is what appears on my pro app:

Posting this to Community also. Hopefully it’s a quick fix as all my instructions for the client are done!

[] cannot appear! Installing on another cell to make sure it’s not because I’m signed into Glideapps.

Are you using a custom domain url to test it, or the glideapp url? When you installed it on your device, what url did you use? That’s a browser message and should be showing due to the URL you used.

Nevermind… installed on a 3rd cell… and it worked.
Thanks anyways…

Your app will use the URL you’re viewing it at. Even Pro apps can still be viewed at their link, which will display as their URL. Make sure you only use your custom link, and that’s all users will see.