Private Chat/Paid Bookings

Hello I am new so please provide layman terms. I was wondering

  1. Is there a way I can create a directory that when a booker makes a booking they get charged a booking fee, and my myself the admin gets a cut and the host also gets a cuts?

2)How can I set up private messaging between the host and the booker?

Thanks again!!

Here’s some info for your second question.

For the first question, probably all the money gets directed to your account first, then you have a sheet containing all the related hosts (which can be viewed by them), calculate their share and at the end of the month make payment to them.

I already looked at that topic earlier and it did not solve what I need sadly. I need a flow of “host makes listing > Booker books listing > Booker asks host more info through a private chat about listing”

But the flow in that link you have a scroll through all the host to pick one to chat with. What if there is hundreds of host on the app? How will you know? I just want it to where its specific to that listing.

Makes sense. Right now I am following this tutorial

How do I integrate this buy button with the booking form they fill out when they book? Right now the button form says “submit” but I need them to also pay a fee set by the host.

It all depends on the app, but basically if you have a portion of the app that only the host and the booker can access and see…and you have the topic for the comments component set to a unique value of that particular listing, or a row id in the form response sheet…then those will be the only two people who can chat with each other.

I’d probably display your booking form sheet somewhere in your app, and in the detail screen for each form response item, to can have the comments component. As long as the form response sheet is filtered so only the host and booker see row that pertain to them, then only those who can see it can chat with each other.

There’s probably more elaborate ways to go about this, but if you understand the concept of only 2 people seeing a particular topic or item, then you can build upon it too your liking.

My best advice would be to submit the form for the booking. Then somehow display that form response row to the user, where they can then click on the buy button to confirm the booking. In the sheet your can use a formula to link the booking to the app: sales sheet to show that the booking is confirmed. Kind of like a shopping cart.

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When you create the form to message a host, choose the “host email” column to populate a “receiver email” column in your messages tab. Also choose the guest email column to populate a “Sender email” column in the same tab. That way you can later filter the view so that only those two can view the message and comment on it.

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