Privacy of URL on google search

We are creating a directory app on the free version of the plan.
We wanted to clarify if our app link is searchable on google or other search engines. Since we will be giving to URL to our community members for use and do not want the data to be available outside the community.

I read that the glide app link is indexed but I cant find the app on google search.

Thank You


I can get my app to show up in Google search and I’m not aware of ever posting the url anywhere and I only have 2 active users. I think anything can get indexed one way or another. Even if the url is posted on another site, if could be picked up by google. The contents won’t nessecarily be indexed, but I think the url could get indexed through a wide variety of methods that Google and other search engines use. I don’t think it can be guaranteed that the url is kept private. If you absolutely needed to keep the data private and have it accessible to multiple users, you would be best off going pro and using Password or Whitelist access.

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