Printable PDF tab


My company sends out a printable PDF, its a one page summary of all the most used contacts in my organization. From this PDF and created a glide app, so the information is mobile friendly. I want to create a tab in the menu; let’s call it “printable PDF.” In this tab, I want to give the user an option to email themself a copy of the printable PDF so they can print it out.

Is there any creative way to do this in Glide?

Should the PDF be dynamically changed based on the information you entered or it’s just the one you were given by the company?

My thought was to use the PDF I’m given.

They already have a process in place to update that PDF. So, I reckon it’s easier just to use that PDF. However, if it’s easier to set it up dynamically that might work also.

If you have a link to that PDF in your sheet, I reckon you can set up an email component with the email being the signed-in user, the email body being a template column that includes the link. That would be the easiest setup in my opinion.

If you needed the PDF as an attachment then you could also add a row to a “PDF requests” sheet and have Integromat (or Zapier) look for new rows and then email accordingly