How to create cafe billing

Hi. I wonder if it is possible to create a glide app for cafe billing? cafe staff clicks a few items on menu and proceeds to a page with the bill, and send to print. I can’t find any suitable templates with this function as i’m wondering if it is possible to create this type of glide app. thank you for your help

Yes, that would be possible.
The most difficult part would be the printing. You’d need a printer with an API that can posted to.

Thanks darren. What about just creating the bill into a downloadable pdf?
is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible. You’ll need to use an external service to generate the PDF, but there are several options available.

oh i see thank you. Wonder if you can show me a template that has this billing export to pdf function? or something similar to creating an invoice or bill? Thank you

I don’t think you’ll find any templates, but if you search here for PDF you should find lots of related topics. Here are a couple of examples:

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Hey Thank you so much, Darren:)

In the Items table of your app you would need an html or markdown line

  • ex. HTML (…)
  • Markdown (| Peri Peri Chicken 500G | x 1 |)

in the orders table of your app you need to join all items HTML & Markdown

if you use markdown you can convert to PDF using zapier.
if you use HTML its way easier and nicer bill then you can also use zapier to convert to pdf or Try our HTML to PDF & XLS API

soon we will try sending markdown to the printer, but its a bit annoying also don’t forget its not easy to order the items in the bill the way you like. its gonna come in sheet order.

Hi Rayo, Thanks.

This sounds good too.
Can you explain how i can do the html on my gilde app? And how i can link a the glide app to docraptor to create a pdf or xls?