Printing invoice or quotes

I see so many articles on printing and or creating PDF’s.

What is the latest simple solution.

We would be using Glide as Desktop portal have invoices and or quotes to print. Ideally we don’t want to have to sync or automate via Zapier etc.

Though we could use Airtable with Glide, we are looking at trying stay with Glide Tables to avoide sync updates an excessive rows - as we need this to be scalable.

On Airtable we use automations to create Goodle Docs that we can then print/email etc. But again ideally would like to stay as simple as possible.

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So one option to print it to simply select the main section (order for instance) then print Selection to PDF.

This creates a Pdf to my local computer that I can then email off to my client.
Not ideal but a start.

If I only need to print then I’d just print to the local Printer vs creating PDF and printing.

Over and above printing, it would be great to simply email the client a copy on email - ideally a summary and link to the on order online.

The customer may want to print though so again a “Print” button with correct print layout would be ideal

Maybe a button that takes the user to a layout that prints better? To avoid printing “Selection”

One option is to have a custom action that copies invoice data into clipboard. The user will then need to paste into another program like Excel, ready for printing.

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Yes even a screengrab button would be awesome - if that action was possible