Glide version of Airtable's interface designer feature?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create a simple native way to build invoices in Glide. I’ve searched some threads and haven’t found something that is as simple as Airtables native feature called interface designer. I want to view related invoice line items for each invoice and have the data auto populate.

My backend is google sheets and not airtable so I’m not sure how to achieve this invoice layout? Any thoughts?

Thanks so much guys

You’ll basically want two table:

  1. A table of invoices
  2. A table of line items.

In table 2, make sure to have a column that specifies the invoice number/ID

In table 1, create a multiple relation column from the invoice ID to the matching column in table 2.

Display this relation as a collection/inline list on the details screen for each invoice.

Ok thank you so much Robert.

I suppose I should have specified I was hoping to have some sort of printable view of this invoice with data from the invoice and then the related line items.

Would Glide have a native way to accomplish this? I’d like to print and hang the invoices on a clip board in our receiving area.

I really appreciate the help

Glide does not have native print to PDF. I usually craft my solution using CraftMyPDF.

@Jeff_Hager has a nifty solution that uses html and a bit of JavaScript (that I need to revisit/study).

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