Pricing Changes Explanation

As most of you know I am seldom on this platform anymore. I have a app that sits idle on here and I recently logged in to update its logo and It advised me to change my pricing (3rd time in 2 years) by switching to a team/ moving my projects to a team.

Now my question is do I have to do this. I pay $32 a month for 1 app. I see this 5 app 5 pages option thats $25. I have more than 5 pages. I do not see the sense in anything changing. I have the one app that I need to move over to nullkode’s free platform whenever I get time but 3 price changes in 2 years is just a bit irritating.

That’s 5 separate App projects or 5 separate Page projects. Not 5 pages inside one project.


That sounds better, but that price is less than I pay for 1 app…

Competition’s getting to them I guess. Adalo offering unlimited apps and all for one price, and over a dozen open source and free builders out there.

Adalo does not offer unlimited apps for one price.

Glide is a MUCH better deal…gives you more for less for sure.


I was one of the people that was “up in arms” about the new pricing structure and I was mostly unhappy about the updates part of it all. I must say though that although I am not completely over the moon about it, in the main it represents better value to be able to publish so many Apps or pages depending on your package of course.
What I like about Glide other than using the tool itself is that they are so clear on what they are and who their target market are and I think as creators the sooner we adapt to that and align to that vision or mission, there is money to be made and the investment that we make in paying the fee will be pale in comparison to the money we can make.

P.S. While I was complaining about the updates, I have barely used all my monthly allocation on my package but that could be because I am mostly in the building phase of my project… :hugs: