Preventing access to PRO App for maintenance

I was looking for a way to prevent access to a PRO App for a short downtime for maintenance.

Here is what I am planning - My Whitelist is simple name/email list and has been kept a separate sheet. It is a result of QUERY on a MASTER List of Users.

To stop access - I was thinking of making the Whitelist a nil list by deleting the QUERY

Question: Is there another simpler method?

You can define a “Maintenance Mode” variable on the Google Sheet and set it to TRUE when you need to active it.

Then you need to add a “Filter” on your Glide App screens/tabs/components to check for that variable, if it’s TRUE a “Maintenance Mode” message is displayed to all the users.

Let me know if you need more info about how to achieve this, so I can create a quick live example.

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I think this is the best solution actually. In the login area make a text box that pops up stating maintenance if that value is true. That’s a great idea. I do think Glide should add a toggle to the development side of the app though that we can just click if we are performing major maintenance.

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Thanks for the tip.
I like the idea except for the fact that there are too many places that I will need to add the filter condition. I am now thinking of combining your idea and my suggestion by a IF(MAINTENANCE MODE,QUERY(…) ). The down side is USERs will not be able to login and wont know why? To circumvent that I will switch the LOGIN Background Image indicating MAINTENANCE in PROGRESS.

Thanks once again.

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