Prevent other contributors from downloading a video

Is it possible to prevent people from downloading pictures or videos posted by other contributors ? I’d like to protect my contributors data…
Thank you !

I’m not aware of a way to currently prevent people from downloading videos. The audio and video components only use the browser’s default media players, unless it’s something like Youtube, then it uses youtube’s player. For pictures, as long as you don’t enable the ability to enlarge an image, I don’t think there is an easily accessible way to download the image.

As with anything on the web, there’s usually always a way for savvy people to look through page source to find media links, record the on screen video or audio, or use screenshots or the snipping tool to acquire images.

It’s not fool proof, but I agree that the current media players make it pretty easy to download audio and video. Maybe someday there will be more robust media and image viewers, but I don’t see it in the near future.

I was thinking that the Glide developers can add this property to the video player to prevent downloads. It would be nice if they added this as a checkbox property for the Video component in the Glide editor.
It looks like it is a built in property in google chrome:

#Google has added a new feature to disable the download button. 
#You can now add the  `controlList`  attribute as shown here:

<video width="512" height="380" controls controlsList="nodownload">
    <source data-src="mov_bbb.ogg" type="video/mp4">


cc @david @Jeff_Hager