Hide Download From Video Glide

Hi, Is there a way to hide the download option from a video in Glide such as CSS in rich text ?

Is it a video you uploaded to Glide? Can you share a sample link where it’s available for users to download?

This download button, I am using the Glide video player

There seems to be a bunch of problems based on which Chrome version the user is using here, so in my opinion CSS is not something we would want to use to prevent this.

I don’t do videos at the moment, but it is something I will probably use in the near future, so I was following this. According to the article you linked, the ability to hide the download button was released in Chrome version 58. I am on version 102, so I checked to see when version 58 was released: April 27, 2017 (five years ago). He may be safe following this:

I have tried using that HTML method with rich text but it doesn’t seem to load the video.


And that makes me an armchair quarterback.

Would have been nice had it worked.

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Agree, and ideally I would want more control over what thing people can download, natively in the video component itself.