Downloading video and audio

Is it possible to somehow protect the file from downloading? this applies to video and audio. thanks

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Are you able to download either of these now? I believe you can’t but it may be possible if someone uses some lower level hacking tools on the device but I’m not sure if even that would work. If you find a way to download them please let us know.

I do the following actions: I upload a video or audio file to google drive, then copy the link to it and paste it into the table, show it in the glide as audio or video, it shows the video, or you can play the audio, but there’s an opportunity to download it right there. Can the download function be deactivated?

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Interesting. Apparently that feature must be built into the play control for android. I never noticed it because I do 90% of my testing and time on either iOS or iMac devices.

Maybe the Glide team can address your question. They would know if there is any parameter that could be passed to the control to turn off that download feature I guess. @Jason or @Mark ?

Hi, George! Yes, audio can be downloaded and videos can be shared. I don’t mind this for free content; however, it may not be a good idea if I were to build an app that is supposed to be a part of an exclusive membership package. It would be nice if the option to prevent sharing or downloading can be created but I don’t know if that is possible.

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ok, maybe there are some third-party clouds, such as YouTube, but for music. something that streaming can provide, but not give the ability to download, and preferably free.

I’m having the same issue. Allowing users to freely download the video would be a dealbreaker for my app as it would kill the possibility of monetization.

@david possible to disable downloading of videos? (I’m using google drive videos)

I think Vimeo is the only service that offers this, with a paid account.